Transfer Student Testimonials

Transfer Student Testimonials


The spring semester of my sophomore year in 2016, I decided I wanted to be closer to home. Mansfield is about a thirty-minute drive from my hometown so it was a perfect university to choose. As a sophomore I was extremely nervous that all of my credits wouldn’t transfer or relate to my new major in the business program at Mansfield. When I received my letter of acceptance I was so happy, not only because I was accepted but because all of my credits converted to another class or credit at Mansfield. It was so easy to transfer to Mansfield, and the staff is incredible. Jan Yoder was one of the first people to contact me and help me with a few more steps throughout the transfer process. When I attended transfer student day, the whole day was to help me learn the campus, the people, and University websites we use for everyday communication. To learn more about these websites, the friends that I made on campus helped me navigate throughout the sites. The staff, community, and students at Mansfield University are great to be a part of. In a year, I cannot wait to call myself an Alumni of Mansfield University.

-Kellsy Ross
Business Administration



It's really hard for an 18 year old to know what exactly they want to do for the rest of their lives. My first semester of college was spent as a health science major, and I learned quickly that I hadn't gotten it right just yet. I had a very hard time finding a place where I fit in, and couldn't handle the overly competitive nature of the major, so I transferred to Mansfield University to pursue a chemistry degree. The decision to go to Mansfield was easy for me, as I was already familiar with the campus and some of the programs they offered. The students and faculty welcomed me with open arms, and even as the "shy girl," I was able to find my place easily. It has been a smooth transition, and my professors have been wonderful helping me schedule classes, and getting me involved in clubs. My advice for transfer students is to get involved around campus. We have so many opportunities to make friends and connections here at Mansfield University. 

-Anna Fink

Coming from an urban area to a rural area, I thought it was going to be very challenging. When I applied to MU, I was in Philadelphiasarah1 completing my associates. All other schools I applied to gave me a hard time as to classes that would transfer in and extra classes they wanted me to take (despite that I had a lot of extra classes). Long story short, I applied to MU two weeks before the application closed and within that two weeks, I got an acceptance letter. All my classes transferred except elementary algebra (which I didn’t need). Apart from this, I got accepted to start a semester earlier compared to the other schools I applied to. Fun fact was the first time I set foot on MU was a day before my classes. Because I applied late, I couldn’t participate in visit days, preview days, or tours. I was scared at first because I felt the school was in the middle of nowhere but being a small campus, that was exactly what I needed. To be away from the bustle and hustle of the city. Life in a small school has been great so far. Making friends was easy and the profesors connect with you both on an academic level and on a personal level.

-Sarah Afolabi


   I would never believe that I would transfer to a different university. I came from a four-year institution which I loved. Coming to a new university, I thought was going to be one of the hardest decisions for me. Whenever I heard of someone being a "transfer" student, testimonial1I always thought they didn't like their last school. 
    I came to Pennsylvania for a new journey. If I stayed in New York, I would have gone to school to major in Business for Applied Psychology B.S. My advice for transfer students is change is good. I had no idea what I wanted to do with that potential bachelor's degree, so I didn't want to work toward it. I wanted to work toward a Bachelor's degree that would make me happy.
      I came to Mansfield University knowing I was going to study Community Health Education. It was the family of TSO that I needed to help me feel welcomed. I am thankful that Janet Yoder provides TSO to the transfer students. 

- Carley Collins, Community Health Education and Minoring in Psychology at Mansfield University. 


"Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to help people in any way I could; I knew I wanted to surround myself
with people that Angel King needed my service. Then, when I started applying to universities, I had to figure out what major to pick. Did I want to be a nurse, dentist, surgeon, or teacher? I had to quickly make my decision, but during my first year of college I was undecided. In the fall of 2013, I transferred to Mansfield University. Since I transferred later than I planned, I was put into a program that fit the closest with my interests: Community Health Education. At first, I had no idea what that meant, and of course I was wondering how I was going to get a job. After three semesters in the Community Health Education program, I am pleased to announce that this is the major for me. I will always be challenged with obstacles, but that is the most fun, and I know I will learn a lot. My classes are excellent, and my professors want me to excel; they’ve even shown me how to go about looking for jobs and internships. Community Health Education focuses more on prevention instead of treatment; by helping and educating different groups of people about their health and ways to maintain healthy lifestyles, disease and illness will be greatly reduced, which will lead to happier families and longer lives."

Angel King

"After graduating from LCCC with my Associate's in Education, I heard that Mansfield had a wonderful Education program. Once I got here, it was much more than that! The faculty, staff, and students here helped me transition so well that I felt right at home."

Kimberly Troup
BSE Early Childhood/Elementary Education

Cassi Englert - Transfer student"Transferring to Mansfield was a lot easier than expected. I sent my application and transcripts to Mansfield University, and within a week I was accepted. I was contacted first by Jan Yoder, who was helping me with the next few steps. I was scheduled to go to a Transfer Student Day to become more familiar with the campus and meet with teachers in my major. My class schedule and email were set up quickly with help from my advisor during the Transfer Student Day. My advisor also helped me learn about Desire2Learn and WebAdvisor. I received an email to apply for a parking pass, which was really inexpensive. My one tip for the first day of school if you're a commuter student is to arrive early. It seems like everyone is arriving early the first week and taking up all the parking spots (I learned this the hard way), but by the second week you will be able to find parking spots. The teachers here are really kind and outgoing and they will help you with almost anything if it is within their power. If you are confused about where something is, just ask a teacher or student."

Cassie Englert
Nutrition Major

John Heinsey2"As a transfer student, coming to Mansfield was a new and exciting adventure and a new chapter in my life. I had been away from home on many different occasions, but going back to college a few years after graduating high school was slightly concerning. When I first came to Mansfield, I didn't know anybody, but I decided to become involved in many different activities here on campus. I have met so many people, from students to faculty to the university staff, that have helped me succeed and be the leader I am today."

Jon Heisey
Vice President of TSO (Transfer Student Organization)
CJA major transferred from HACC 

"I am a diploma RN (class of '85) who first attempted going back to school back in 2000. Unfortunately, I had to give up the dream of getting my BSN after just a few years of part-time classes at both Binghamton University and Mansfield.

In mid-August, I decided to go back to school once again. I re-applied to Mansfield just days before the start of the fall term. To say that I had wished I had been more organized and had applied in the summer is probably an understatement. It was a last minute decision that made me wonder what I was getting into and if I was even capable.

What amazed me was the team effort to help me get back in and help me get off to a very good start. While I did not even have official transcripts submitted yet, Jan Yoder took the time to look at what I had done so far and was able to get me enrolled in classes that I would need. I did not have to look through the student handbook and this alleviated a big stress.

The classes are so interesting and helpful with getting me back into the swing of things with schoolwork. Amy Smith made me feel like I was her top priority. She would get back to me with answers to questions and helped me navigate as to what further paperwork I needed. Because I could not get into the syllabi for my classes yet, she took the time to email me the book titles so I could at least get those.

I am doing the online "Desire2Learn" program and find it to be so manageable for my work schedule and other life commitments. Both instructors that I have are extremely positive and so helpful. I feel that they have a lot of patience and take the time to explain things, both regarding course content as well as how to navigate the online courses.

This truly is becoming a very positive pleasant experience. I would recommend this program to anyone who is thinking about going back to school."

Mel Miller

Hannah Peck smallTales of a Transfer Student

"I transferred to Mansfield in the fall and I have come to the conclusion that it was the best decision I've ever made. This place has taught me more than just academics; it's taught me about life, responsibility, and friendship. I've gained so much more than I could say from coming here. There are times in our lives when we must make some tough choices: Stay or go? Yes or No? Chocolate or Vanilla? When I was faced with the decision of where to go after community college, I knew immediately where I wanted to be: Mansfield. What set it apart was the close-knit community of learners and caring staff and professors. I knew that this was not only where I wanted to be, but where I needed to be.

If you are reading this and you are considering a student career here, think about this: would you rather be in a classroom of 200 with a professor who has never even heard of you? Or would you rather be in a class of 20, making friends, colleagues, and contacts that will last a lifetime? Jan Yoder and the transfer staff are excellent, and will do anything for you before, during, and after your transfer process. So I encourage you to make a visit, talk to some people, and to make a change to the best school with the best transfer team."

Hannah Peck 

Jeremy Spielman small"I graduated from Mansfield University in Spring of 2012 with a bachelor's degree in Viola Performance. In August 2009, I transferred to Mansfield from Montgomery County Community College, and never looked back. I chose Mansfield because its music program had a great reputation, and I certainly found that to be the case.

I wanted to find a very experienced teacher that could encourage me to improve my talent and musical ability with advanced repertoire. Dr. Ken Sarch, my viola professor and mentor, fulfilled my hopes and expectations in every way. Studying with him, and the rest of the wonderful faculty, really helped to make me a better musician and gave me the confidence and technical foundation to pursue my career goals.

Mansfield also provided me with many wonderful opportunities, such as being in Trio, a student service program. The staff, including Jess Trump, Christina Hale, and Annette Mase, really made college life at Mansfield fun for me with cool activities and off-campus trips. They also made me feel very welcomed when I first arrived on campus, easing me into my new experience at Mansfield. I highly recommend Mansfield to anyone pursuing music studies, and for anyone who wants a warm, friendly environment and faculty who will really get to know you."

Jeremy Spielman
April, 2013

Greg Pomarico small
"In January 2011, I decided to attend college again after a 19-year layoff. At first, I was nervous and scared to be 39 years old and back in college. Technology was my biggest fear, and blending with the younger students was a close second. Both of those fears were squashed quickly by the students and professors at MU. 

Since I started at MU, everyone has been so helpful. Whether it is giving directions to another building, lending me a pencil, or even guiding me through my technology struggles, everyone has been more than willing to lend a helping hand.

Even transferring my credits from Ocean County College, a small 2-year college in New Jersey, went like clockwork with the help of Jan Yoder. Jan is one of the many Mansfield staff members who made this transfer back to college smooth and simple.

If you are looking for a great education and a school where you are known by name, Mansfield University is the place for you."

Greg Pomarico
BS Organizational Communication 2013

"My transition from Oswego State to Mansfield University was the most stress-free experience. I knew I wanted the feel of a smaller, more intimate school, and Mansfield is, without a doubt, exactly that. All 31 of my credits were easily transferred and worked into my program evaluation in order for me to receive full credit for the hard work I put into my first college year. As a senior, I chose to do an internship to fulfill a graduation requirement and have been lucky to turn that into a job after graduation. If I can give any advice about transferring, it would be to do the best you can; Mansfield is a fresh start and wants nothing more than for you to be successful!"

Andrea Smith
Transfer from Oswego State University
Psychology – December 2010 graduate

Lacy Stocum"Mansfield University is a great school. Transferring here my freshman year of college was, by far, one of the greatest decisions I have ever made. I couldn't have asked for a more welcoming community of faculty, staff, and students. The past four years spent at Mansfield have been some of the most challenging and rewarding years of my life, and the opportunities I have been presented with here have been wonderful. With graduation just around the corner for me, I am so thankful that my degree will be from MU!"

Lacy Stocum
Public Relations & Organizational Communication


"When I transferred from Corning Community College, the process was easy… My G.I. bill information was easily transferred, as well as all of my prior credits, without any hassle. All questions I had were answered in a timely manner and I didn't have to deal with the run-around that often occurs with paperwork. The transfer process to Mansfield was one of the least painstaking processes I have experienced with college paperwork."

Jonathan Hoffmeier
Transfer from Corning Community College w/military background

Shawn Howze small"Mansfield University is the third school I have attended, and judging by the way it's going so far, I know it will be my last. Mansfield has been my springboard for success. So much as fallen into place for me here and I couldn't be more grateful. I finally discovered what I want to do with my life (Public Relations), and have made some lifelong friends here. The classes are good, the teachers are cool, the students are friendly, and there's always something to do."

Shawn Howze
Transfer from Corning Community College



"Although transferring from a community college in Virginia was a difficult decision, I knew immediately that Mansfield University was the right school for me… I was excited to find that MU had everything I desired in a school. Transferring to MU was a relatively easy process, and when certain credits did not transfer correctly, I simply explained the course that I had taken, and "BA-DABING"-- it was done. It was important to continue my music education at a school with a high success rate in music, so of course MU was a shoe-in."

Emily Vermillion
Music Education major
Transfer from Northern Virginia Community College

"Having transferred to Mansfield from a college in upstate NY, I was unsure as to how it would compare with what I was used to, and how I would like it. I absolutely love Mansfield and I am confident that I have made the correct decision in coming here! The professors I interact with on a daily basis are phenomenal and I feel as though I am learning so much from them. I can tell they love what they are teaching because it reflects back in their classes. The campus is easy to navigate and if you do get lost, I've always found a friendly peer to steer me in the right direction. I used to dread spending time in the registrar's office, or financial aid, but everything is incredibly organized here and I've never had to wait to get the help I needed! Coming to Mansfield has been one of the best decisions I could have ever made for myself!"

Catherine Griffin
Social Work major
Transfer from Monroe Community College

"I really liked that when we went on tours of the campus, students directed the tours. I was able to get one-on-one time with them and ask questions about college life and living on campus."

Caitlin Stripto
Transfer from Northampton Community College

"As far as the program and the professors go… the word AMAZING comes to mind. I would highly recommend this program and its professors to any Education major. Mansfield University has offered me so many opportunities to advance, as well as to make new friendships. The school welcomes you and wants you to know that you have the utmost respect from the school and that they are willing to help you throughout your experience."

Tara Parker
Elementary Education major
Transfer from Corning Community College