Undergraduate New Student Information

Undergraduate New Student Information



If you have questions regarding Orientation, please contact Judi Brayer, Orientation Program Coordinator, at 570-662-4818.

Orientation is mandatory for all first-time students and is designed to help you become familiar with the campus, as well as meet other students and faculty. You must register for Orientation. Please visit our Orientation webpage for more information and directions on how to register.

Orientation for students beginning in the Spring 2018 semester

New Student Orientation for spring 2018 freshman & transfer students will be held on:

  • Friday, January 13, 2018


Placement Exams

student studyingIf you are a Freshman studentyour academic information will be processed to determine if you are required to take any placement exams. **If you have successfully completed a university-level Math or English course equivalent, you must have your college transcript(s) sent to the Admissions Office.  If the Admissions Office receives your transcript(s) and determines that you meet the criteria to receive credit for the course(s), you will not be required to take the Math or English placement exams. If the English or Math Placement exams are required, you will take these exams during your orientation session. Once you have registered for an orientation date, you will receive a confirmation email that will include a letter indicating if you are required to take the exams.

If you are a Transfer student, and have successfully completed a university-level Math and English course equivalent, you DO NOT have to take the Math or English Placement exams. If the English or Math Placement exams are required, you will receive notification in the mail. You will take all placement exams during your orientation session.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses and College Transcripts

We accept high school courses taken under the national Advanced Placement (AP) program prior to admission to the University. A minimum score of three (3) on the qualifying examinations is required for award of credit. No more than 24 credits earned by such examinations may be applied toward graduation requirements. Please submit the official score report from Collegeboard.com for review for transfer credits.

If you are taking any Advanced Placement (AP) Courses or completing college coursework while still in high school, please be sure to have the official AP scores and/or college transcript(s) forwarded to the Admissions Office.

Health Forms

All first year students are required to complete a health form. This health form must be completed and returned in order for the student to be treated at the University health clinic.

Academic Advisor

Each student is assigned an advisor from within their academic department. Once you arrive on campus, you will be instructed to visit the department secretary from within your intended major. You will then be provided with contact information for your advisor.