Non-Degree New Student Information

Non-Degree New Student Information

campusAdditional information is available by visiting our website or by contacting Lori Cass, Non-Degree Program Director at (800) 577-6826 or locally at (570) 662-4873.

Schedules & Grades

You will not receive a copy of your schedule, mid-term grades, or final grades in the mail. You may access and print these online. To review your schedule, follow these directions:

  • Go to the Mansfield University website:
  • Click on Web Logins-Quick Links at the top of the page
  • Click on WebAdvisor under the Web Logins section
  • Click on LOG IN
  • Enter your login name. Your login name is your email username (example: studentj). Your initial password for WebAdvisor can be accessed via the My Accounts page.
  • Click on the Student Link to access all of the features, such as grades and schedules. Please note that you will not be able to register for future coursework using WebAdvisor. To register for future coursework, please contact the Non-Degree Program Director

Identification Cards - First Time Students

  • If you are enrolled in an off-campus course only, a letter containing your library barcode information will be sent to you (two weeks prior to the start of the semester).
  • Students admitted to other State System of Higher Education universities may use their current ID card to checkout books and other materials. You will have to use the Mansfield bar code to access the library databases.
  • Please note: in order to physically checkout material at the campus library, you must present a current student ID card.